Loved ones pass away but remain in our hearts

Loved ones pass away but remain in our hearts

The presence of loved ones in our lives leaves an indelible mark. Preserve it digitally for yourself and generations to come.

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Inheart is a memory storage service for a deceased loved one. We will help to collect all the particles of digital trace about a person and store them in one place.

Biography, photos and videos, memories of friends - we store them all on several servers in different countries, so you can pass on your memories through generations without fear of losing the archives dear to your heart.

Memory pages

Create a memorial page

It's easy to create a page in just 5 steps

Create a page

Share a memory page with friends and family to bring memories together

Add your own memories to the page, as well as the memories of friends, family and acquaintances, which they can leave themselves by visiting the page.  Memories are added only with your approval.

Memory doesn't rust

For memorial pages, we engrave a memory code that can be placed on a monument, house, or kept with you. It can be used to access the page of quickly and easily a loved one.

Order for 550 UAH

The mission of the project is to help remember and preserve memories

Memories in scrapbook form are not durable — they can fade or get lost. When we save memories on our phones or other media, we can't choose how they are stored. Our memories remain scattered in different places and cannot be combined with the memories of friends, relatives, loved ones, and those left by the person themselves.

Inheart's mission is to help remember and preserve. The loss of a loved one is a difficult experience, so our team has put a lot of work into making the process of preserving their memory a cherished experience for you. We hope that the process of creating a memory page can be a therapeutic  for someone.

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Support the project

Inheart is available to everyone for free. However, maintaining the servers where the information is stored does not come for free. We decided to make an extended version of the memory pages. They may be of interest to those who want to store more memories or just to those who want to support the project

A short memory page

Free of charge

Main photo


Photo Gallery Up to three images

Video and audio recording

Links to websites or social networks

Memories of family and friends

Eternal data storage

The exact coordinates of the burial site

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Full memory page

3 400 UAH/year

Main photo


Photo Gallery

Video and audio recording

Links to websites or social networks

Memories of family and friends

Eternal data storage

The exact coordinates of the burial site

Choose for UAH 3,400/year

Frequently asked questions

Can other people see the memorial page I created?

By default, yes. In case you want to make it private, you can enable this setting while creating the page or adjust it later in your page settings. We understand the importance of privacy in honoring and remembering your departed loved ones, and we are planning to introduce more versatile privacy settings in the future, allowing you to more precisely determine which content is shared publicly and which remains private.

Is it possible to use Inheart outside of Ukraine?

The project is available to use in all countries, except Russia and Belarus

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