Ukraine launches Inheart platform to preserve the eternal memory of deceased loved ones in digital form

Inheart, a platform that allows you to keep memories of deceased loved ones, has appeared in Ukraine. This platform is becoming a place where album photos, videos, letters and other personal memories of the deceased are combined on one page:

Advantages of the platform:

  • Data security. Information about the deceased will be stored on several servers in different countries, which increases the reliability of data archiving.
  • Geolocation of the burial. The developers of the service made sure that it was possible to transmit the geolocation of the burial as accurately as possible. Thus, the platform user will be able to share the coordinates of the monument's location with family and friends so that they can easily find it.

How to use the platform?

You need to create a memorial page and fill it with basic information.

After that, you should share the link to this profile with the friends of the deceased person so that they can write warm words or add joint photos or videos that the family of the deceased does not have.

Along with the creation of the page, the user receives a QR code from the service developers that can be placed on the grave to easily and quickly recall interesting moments from the deceased's days.

he project has a social mission - everyone can keep memories of their loved ones in a single safe and convenient place”, — comments Oleksandr Sydorov, founder of the Inheart platform.


Oleksandr Sydorov

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User feedback

I want to keep the memory of my mom alive. From now on, you will be able to share the memories of the deceased on a special service called Inheart

My name is Olena, I was born in Luhansk region. When the war came to my hometown, I had to leave everything I had accumulated over a lifetime. My home fit into one small suitcase, where I put all the vital things - medicine, food and clothes.

Now I am adjusting to a new life in another city and with people who are strangers to me. All that remains of my home are the memories of my parents' warm home and love for my loved ones, most of whom are no longer among us.

The memory of them warms me the most, so it is my duty to keep them in my heart forever. But will a stone tombstone be able to preserve the most precious moments with your loved ones? I wanted something deeper and warmer.

I wanted something deeper and warmer.
That's why I decided to use the Inheart service, where I have collected all the photos, life stories, and even videos from my mom's birthday. In a week, by the way, she would have turned 60.

Having created a memorial page for the deceased person on the platform, I no longer worry that if I move or lose my phone, my mom's valuable photos or videos might get lost somewhere.

Not only that, but my friends have added photos from their cameras to their profiles that I have never even seen. Some of them have also written some warm memories, so I know that my mom is still with us, because she lives on in the memories of many people.

The developers of the platform also made sure that a QR code could be placed on the monument. By scanning it on your mobile device, you can find out far more information than what is posted on the tombstone.

Using the Inheart platform, we have the opportunity to collect even the smallest crumbs of memories of our loved ones, whom, unfortunately, we will never be able to hug, visit or share our innermost dreams and desires with.

With the help of this service, users will keep the warmest memories in their hearts and share them with everyone who was really close to the person.Life is not eternal, but memory is forever!

Life is short, but memory is forever!