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Yurii Viktorovych and Olga Viktorivna Viushchenko, Oleksy's parents, were experienced engineers who worked in industry. They tried to devote all their free time to their only son, although they were often away on business trips and generally had a lot on their minds.

Place of birth

He was born in Odesa on December 24, 1987. For the first 3 years, they lived in Luzanivka, but later moved to Khadzhibey district.


I've known him since childhood: we grew up in the same neighborhood, went to the same school, and generally spent almost all our time together. In our class, Oleksiy was always the best in the STEM subjects, and it was clear that his future would be related to science or engineering. At school, specifically in middle school, he helped us with our studies. He tutored me in geometry, and in return, I filled in contour maps for him. Despite the fact that Lesha was quieter, all the girls in the class were in love with him.


During his youth, Oleksiy proved himself to be an excellent student and a passionate connoisseur of science and technology. He even managed to get a silver medal after graduating from high school in 2005. Alexey dreamed of designing and building the ships he saw every day when he visited his grandfather. It was he who taught him about modeling and design. At the age of 16, Oleksiy lost his father. It affected his character and he became more private.

Student days

After graduating from high school, Oleksiy entered Odesa National Maritime University, studying shipbuilding. He lost contact with many of his past acquaintances, and only a few of his closest friends managed to keep in touch. It was there that he met his future wife, Khrystyna. They looked so much alike, we, his friends, joked that she was actually his long-lost twin. They got married pretty soon.


Oleksiy was easily able to find a job after graduation, first as a junior researcher at a small company. Over time, he grew to become a full-fledged shipbuilding engineer. Unfortunately, we, his family, know little about his work activities, since much of his work was classified.

Moving to the Netherlands

In 2011, Oleksiy received an offer to work for a company that manufactured ship engines. There, he put into practice the ideas he had discussed at our friends gatherings. I remember not understanding anything he was saying, but his glowing eyes made it clear that he knew exactly what to do and how to do it.  Oleksiy and his wife lived near Amsterdam, in the town of Ulm. There he could see the ships again. Both in the distance, at sea, and in front of him, at work. As he said, it was his best time. Two of his favorite things in life, Kristina and the ships.

The last years of life

In the last years of his life, Oleksiy began to suffer from heart problems. His coronary heart disease, although quite asymptomatic at first, became more and more serious. In 2020, Oleksiy suffered his first heart attack, and in 2021, he had a sudden cardiac arrest, which caused his unexpected death.


Oleksiy is well remembered by his friends, family, and colleagues. Oleksiy's legacy includes 4 patents, large projects, and the experience he managed to pass on to other engineers. In difficult moments, he was always there for us, ready to support us unconditionally and without judgment. His legacy is not only his professional achievements, but also his contribution to the happiness of his loved ones.

Memories of family and friends

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Memories of family and friends

Probably one of the most vivid memories of our childhood together was when Lesha's parents returned from a business trip and brought their son a PlayStation. None of us had such a thing, at most we had Sega and Dendi. Of course we played all weekend, and then another one, and another one :).


childhood friend

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Alexei, in essence, became my next teacher after graduating from university. When I first started working, he helped me break into the profession and complete my first projects. Although I didn't work under his guidance for a long time, I turned to him for advice more than once in the following years. I am deeply grateful to know Alexey.



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Свята на Київщіні


Свята на Київщіні


Свята на Київщіні


Last address

Novohorodske cemetery, Odesa

Akademika Glushko Street, Odesa, Ukraine

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