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Place of birth

Natalia Chernova was born on May 15, 1955, in Kharkiv, Ukraine, in the heart of a place rich in culture and history that has inspired her throughout her life.


Her parents, Ivan and Olga Chernov, were ordinary factory workers, but they had a deep understanding of the value of education and culture. They always found time and resources to support their daughter in her creative endeavors, despite their modest living conditions.


Since childhood, Natalia has shown a passion for art and drawing, spending hours sketching the landscapes of her hometown and its surroundings. Her early works already revealed a unique style that only developed over time. Her talent was noticed not only by her teachers, but also by local artists who occasionally visited the school where she studied.

Student days

After graduating from high school, with great ambitions and dreams, Natalia enrolled in Kharkiv State University. Studying at the university was a period of intense growth for her, where she not only improved her technique but also experimented with new styles and materials. It was also there that she met her future love, Alexander Petrov, who shared her passion for art and became her greatest support and critic.


Starting her career as an illustrator, Natalia quickly found her own voice in this world. Her works for children's books and illustrations for magazine articles were distinguished by their depth of emotion and skillful execution. She didn't just draw pictures, she told stories through her illustrations, making them understandable and relatable to every reader.


Yekaterina and Dmitry, children of Natalia and Alexander, have been surrounded by books, paints, and brushes since childhood. Raised in an atmosphere with a love for art, they grew up to be true artists, continuing and developing family traditions. Natalia invested in them not only knowledge and skills, but also a piece of her soul.


Today, Natalia Chernova's paintings are not just art, but also a reflection of her inner world, her love for her native land and her family. Her works, exhibited in galleries and private collections, continue to inspire younger generations of artists. She left behind not only her paintings, but also an unforgettable example of strength of spirit, hard work, and faith in herself.

The last years of life

Even in the last years of her life, Natalia continued to paint, creating more and more touching and profound works. Her last works were full of light, love and hope, reflecting her eternal belief in beauty and goodness. Her life was a bright ray that continues to shine for all who remember and appreciate her legacy.

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Memories of family and friends

One day, my mother and I went for a short walk in the woods. I remember this day well from my childhood. We explored the paths, collected colorful leaves and watched the birds. At one point, we came across a small clearing decorated with beautiful flowers. My mom invited me to sit down, and we had a real picnic with cakes she had prepared in advance. We laughed and talked about everything. This moment became a symbol of our closeness and warmth for me. Even now, when I think back to that day, my heart is filled with joy and gratitude for my mother's care and love.



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We met Natasha in our first year of study, became best friends, and have not parted since. She was a very good person, kind and with a special view of the world. I fondly remember our walks in Sarzhyn Yar, we often organized plein airs there. I miss it very much. I love and miss you, Natusia.



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Свята на Київщіні


Свята на Київщіні


Свята на Київщіні


Last address

Cemetery No. 13

108 Grigory Skovroda Street, Kharkiv, Ukraine

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